Wappen Wismar.svg
Coat of arms of Bryggehala
Country Kingdom of the Archipelago
Region Bryggesland
Island Adianz
Population 148,765 (2011 Census)
Mayor Derek Fingle

Overview: Edit

Bryggehala, (Pronounced: BRI-GA-HAR-LAH), is a large city on the south coast of the island of Adianz in the Kingdom of the Archipelago of Adianterras. It is perhaps most famous for having the country's largest port, the Bryggehala Freeport, which is not only used for trade, but also has ferries to and from many international ports.

Etymology: Edit

Brygghala is composed of the words "Brygge" and "Hala". "Brygge" is derived from the Scandinavian word for Harbour and "Hala" is the Adianterrasian word for heaven, so Bryggehala translates to "Harbour Heaven".

History: Edit

Bryggehala was founded by Henry Fosters, who decided that Adianterras really needed a large trade port for the growing demand for produce from different countries. Henry Fosters, along with two other men, Eoghan McBallath and Simon O'Connel, built the large port at Bryggehala and got people to work at the port, leading to the construction of a town at the port. This town was moved into by mainly Icelandic people from rural parts of Iceland who wanted a little money and with so many people working at Bryggehala port, the port grew and grew to become one of Europe's most important and largest ports.

Modern day Bryggehala: Edit