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Kingdom of the Archipelago of Adianterras
Vinland flag
The flag of Adianterras
Capital Adjan
Status Kingdom
Region Europe
Population 7,384,764 (2013 Census)
Area 96,542 km2

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The Nation in a nutshell:

The Kingdom of the Archipelago of Adianterras (Adianterrasian: Dei Riyam vonn dei Arkipelag vonn Adianterras; Icelandic: Konungsríkið Archipelago á Adianterras) is a nation composed of over 200 islands! The overall size of the nation is around 100,000 km2. The biggest of these Islands is around the same size as the Netherlands. This island is called Adianz, but is sometimes referred to as "The Mainland" due to its size. Other larger islands include Parmaggia, Obershulle, Drekhgrad and Croagh. There are around 174 small islands with only tiny civilisations on them. Some of these islands are mountainous or volcanic, some of them flat and some with big lakes. The nation's capital is called Adjan and is situated on Adianz. It has big infastructure including Maglev routes, a high speed Subway network, trams and a sky train network. It is renowned as one of the most futuristic cities in the world and supplies 5% of the entire world's technology which has made Adianterras a European science and technological hub.

The overall population of the kingdom is around 7,000,000 and is situated in the Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Ireland. The country counts 3 official languages; English, Adianterrasian and Icelandic. There is also a large proportion of Irish speakers and some NorwegIan speakers, too. Most of the population are Whites who come from mainly Irish, Italian, English or Scandinavian backgrounds. Immigration to Adianterras has started to grow since the 1980s and is mainly lead by Eastern Europeans, Indians, Greeks and Chinese. The main religions are Catholicism and Protestantism.

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Archipelago of Adianterras. Whether you're Polish, Argentinian, South African, Algerian or Malaysian, everyone can feel at home in our nation. The nation, hidden in the deep Atlantic, between Iceland, Ireland and Scotland is filled with natural beauty, history, and is a paradise for the adventurous. Whether, you're taking a city break in Adjan, our capital, sampling traditional seafood dishes and lobster on Obershulle, or bathing in volcanic rockpool on Siresa, you'll simply love Adianterras, and here's the Wikia to show you exactly what we mean! You might want to use this shortcut to find cities quicker:
  • Adjan: Our beautiful nation's capital city (Pop: 2,037,283)
  • Gorkaj: The ancient capital of the Vikings (Pop: 14,008)
  • Hurkaj: The 2nd biggest city of Adianterras (Pop: 903,073)
  • Akurejva: Ancient well-preserved walled city (Pop: 32,232)
  • Fyrkala: Famous for the old underground city (Pop: 124,040)
  • Bryggehala: Biggest trade Port of Adianterras (Pop: 148,765)
  • Mythradal: The mountain city, altitude of 2,332 m (Pop: 58,780)

The Karlzbirg Sea Grotto (Adianterrasian: Dei Zi Grotto von Carlavilla; Iceland: Sjór Grotto af Karlzbirg) is a cave located outside of Strandbirg, on Obershulle. The cave was discovered in 1432 and was used as a Pagan temple, used by the ancient people of the island. The shrine was destroyed in the Obershulle Battle in 1783 but the cave is still intact, displaying many stalactites and stalacmites, and a sea entry where tourists can go sea kayaking inside to see the beautiful cave.

  • The new M10 Motorway, linking Hurkaj to Bryggehala opens up along with a new 16 km long bridge going over the Lajkzik strait
  • Edward McCarthridge becomes major of Parmara
  • Egypt opens up an embassy in Adjan,becoming the 98th country to do so
  • Klara native, Derik Saylen (pictured), wins the 2015 Nobel Prize for Litterature
  • The 2015 Meljodifestivala is won by Jos Tira from Adjan