Polish Adianterrasians
Vinland flag
The flag of Adianterras
Population 369,238 (6% of population)
Cities Adjan (Polskitown), Hurkaj, Fyrkala

Overview: Edit

This page is about the people group in Adianterras known as the Polish Adianterrasian (Adianterrasian: Polas Adianterrasian; Icelandic: Polsk-Adianterrasian; Polish: Polski-Adianterraski) which are the largest group of immigrants in the Kingdom of the Archipelago of Adianterras.

History: Edit

Kids 2573042b

Polish Jews being taken to Adianterras

Immigration started during the 2nd World War, when many Polish Jews fled the Nazi Invasion. Being tolerant to other races, Adianterras actually took in the most Polish Jews than any other European country. Immigration from Poland stopped for a while during Communism in Poland, but has recently started up again since the 1990s and onwards.

Polish community today: Edit


A Polish butcher shop in a Polish community in Hurkaj

Large Polish communities have grown up in cities such as Adjan (famous for Polskitown) and also in Hurkaj. Today, the Polish Adianterrasians make up around 6% of the population, at 369,238 strong, the Polish-Adianterrasians are deeply involved in keeping their community strong and preserving their culture. Their unemployment is very low as many work in building, construction, architecture, doctors and IT.